Life Story of Successful Business Coch Dr. Vivek Bindra.

Life Story of Successful Business Coch Dr. Vivek Bindra.

The youth of Bindra sir.-


Dr. Vivek Bindra sir was born on April 5, 1978, in Delhi. When Bindra is only at two and a half years old, his father died and his mother has married again. He did not receive the love of both parents as a youth. Till now you’d get to understand how he sacrifices their entire life. It could be observed that if their life could not happen today if they had lost their difficulties in their life.


Childhood of Vivek Bindra,




His youth was spent with great difficulty. His Education has been performed from St. Xavier school Delhi (1999-2001) and finished his Integrated MBA degree from one of the renowned universities in India I. e.Amity University. Following the incident does occur in the life span of Dr. Vivek Bindra sir, normally he spent his entire life with Uncle.

He faced many problems in youth the buddies playing with him are not allowed to devote some time or playing with him as per the guidance of his friend’s parents. Together with the studies he’s also interested in games and sports.

He’s National Best Outstanding Athletes. Dr. Vivek Bindra wins more than 100 awards while he’s in childhood and in soccer he played at the National level. He is a long-time runner mini-marathon. College journey of Vivek Bindra.

Dr. Vivek Bindra sir believed that today’s pupils should go to a controlled environment that makes them filled with struggle and not supply or make the lifestyle very readily. He also begins the tuition courses in their house and he markets a dictionary in their part-time job.

He cracks the examination of the University of East London Business School although not take the admission because of bad financial problems


Relation of Bhagwat Geeta and Vivek Bindra



After finishing the MBA he moved to VRINDAVAN and spent their life around 3-4 years as a Hermit and gain a sheet of complete knowledge about Shastra. The Guruji of Dr. Vivek Bindra sir advises him that you are great in the Management field or you can find out Bhagvat Geeta so it’s possible to add them both and assist the people that are deserving to do.

He gains a lot of experience, which he began to share knowledge across the world. He began to research at a profound about the growth of the business.

So the people that are interested in the business field ought to prefer the ideas of him.Dr. Vivek Bindra published some novels online or offline for the beginners but the book was not so powerful on the industry.


His thoughts were rather unique to build a company successful. Dr. Vivek Bindra said that the Geeta not a book of studying but it is the book brought down in existence. He said Bhagvat Geeta isn’t a religious publication. Arjuna requested and Krishna replied with every query.

The Geeta has answered all of the questions of full life. It is not a distinct religious book Hindu, Muslims, Sikh, Christian, and also the very embarrassing thing is that most of those Pakistani prefer to watch the movie of Bindra sir.

He explained the skill was awarded by Guru Dronacharya into Arjun in his childhood. Ability is inside however, the will power should profit in the Bhagvat Geeta. He said one of the movies that the Guru Dhronacharya taught the technique to the Pandavas likewise Shri Krishna taught the method to construct the attitude.


The achievement of Dr. Vivek Bindra


After that, the success comes in the life span of Vivek sir, and was awarded from the World leadership Federation of Thinktank of Corporate Asia and additionally awarded from the World HRD ministry to become the world’s greatest leadership coach.

He has gone generally foreign for He made a Company and named Global Act that should change to become Bada


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The purpose of Dr. Vivek Bindra Sir to produce the business gain for the president who has not so great financial condition. So he decided to forget the tour of overseas and also to help the Indian businessman.


Journey Of Youtube Channel



He began YouTube Channel in 2012, the material within this Channel is easy to understand for the uneducated individuals in India. The video is connected by the notion of Bhagvat Geeta in any area, he created a case study of every growing as well as the falling business.

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At that time the contributor in this Youtube station is approx. 9.5 Million that is a great achievement for his or her team which is working with complete work. About 2017 he made a Leadership Funnel program which is quite costly not affordable by Middle Class so that he closed down in 2019 and created a program of Everything About Entrepreneurship that’s a cheap rate and cheap by anyone.

It is a program where all of the Billionaire Entrepreneurs should come in a common platform and share the cause of a successful firm. Dr. Vivek Bindra sir and his staff create an app that’s quite helpful for everyone.

Bada Business where all the billionaire is putting the thought of success. Still, the growth from the Bada Business app is increasing to 300 %. In the previous 2 decades, 38% gain growth is observed and create a searchable expansion The YouTube began by him is that the planet’s greatest Entrepreneurship station. mention that Dr.Vivek Bindra is a guy that may center on the low-level small business household and operate using a profitable firm.



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